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Strip curtains 25mm LUX and 16mm LUX

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Aluminum strip curtains

Aluminum strip curtains are suitable for wall, ceiling, window frame mounting and also for window frames in the case of double-glazed windows. The width of the strip can be chosen 16mm, 25mm, 35mm or 50mm. In the case of the most common strip width 25 mm, the largest dimension of the aluminum strip curtain is 280×300 cm, the minimum width must be at least 21 cm. For a 16mm wide strip, the maximum size is 180x300cm. The largest possible dimensions are for curtains with wider strips, for strips with a width of 35 mm and 50 mm, it is possible to make curtains with a size of up to 305×350 cm. For curtain control we offer stick / cord (16 and 25mm curtains) or cord / cord (35 and 50mm curtains) control. All aluminum strip curtains can also be equipped with electric drives. For bandwidths of 16 and 25mm, these are battery-powered 24V electric drives, for bandwidths of 35 and 50mm, 230V electric drives are used. Electric drives can be controlled from either a wall switch or a remote control. 230V electric drives can also be connected to the “Smart House” control system.

In addition to standard strip curtains, we also offer an aluminum strip curtain LUX that can be integrated into the window frame, which is fastened between the glass strips directly against the glass surface and therefore extends only 10 mm outside the window frame. The depth of the glass strip should be at least 16mm. It is important that the curtain strips can turn freely and do not hit the glass. The side guide ropes ensure that the curtain does not flutter or knock against the window frame when the window is opened. The strip width on the LUX model is 16 or 25 mm. Measuring the aluminum strip curtain integrated in the window frame is a breeze, all you have to do is measure the width and height of the glass from seal to seal and the depth of the glass strip. The maximum size of the integrated LUX curtain curtain is 200×220 cm, the minimum width must be at least 30 cm.


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