Automation is an accessory to make awnings more comfortable and safer. We offer the following different types of automation:

1. Wind automation Somfy Eolis RTS

Working principle: measures the wind speed and closes the awning when the wind strength exceeds the set limit. Used on window and terrace awnings to prevent the awnings from breaking in strong winds.

2. Wind automation Somfy Eolis 3D RTS

Working principle: reacts to the movement of the front profile of the awning and closes the awning when the movement / fluctuation of the front profile exceeds the set limit.

3. Solar and wind automation in Somfy Soliris

Working principle: measures wind speed and light intensity, the awning opens when the light intensity exceeds the set limit and closes when the light intensity falls or the wind intensity exceeds the set limit. The automation can be switched off if the awning is to be used for protection against rain. Used on both window and terrace awnings, if one of the functions of the awning is to hide the window from sunlight.

4. Aegrelee Somfy Chronis

Working principle: Opening and closing the awning at the prescribed times. Different programming options.

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