Awning fabrics

The awning fabrics we offer are Swela Sunvas and Sunsilk high-tech polyester fabrics produced in Germany, whose resistance to weather conditions and sun radiation is completely in a class of their own – even bright colors remain significantly unbleached for years.

The fade resistance of the colors on a scale of 1… 8, where 8 is the best possible, is 7-8 on Swela fabrics. This is achieved by using a unique patented dyeing technology, where at a certain temperature the fabric and dye molecules combine and the dye forms an integral part of the fabric.

There is also a unique nanotechnological surface impregnated with the fabric, which is so easy to clean that even heavier rainfall is enough. All awning fabrics we offer are water and stretch resistant. The shape of the fabric in case of elongation is up to 98%, no other awning fabric can even come close to this figure. The durability of fabrics in medium-intensity home use is considered to be 10+ years.

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