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Blinds are the most affordable and easiest window covering solution. The classic version consists of a fabric attached to the pipe, a guide mechanism and mounting brackets. The most common colors for mechanisms and fasteners are white, but you can also choose from shades of gray, brown, black, anthracite gray or metallic.

All blinds are made to order. There are no special and standard dimensions for the water tear, the dimensions are ordered.

The blind is attached to the wall or ceiling with supports. The size of the supports and the diameter of the lever tube depend on the desired overall width of the blind. As a fabric tube, we offer both steel tubes to which the fabric is attached with tape, and aluminum tubes where the fabric is attached to a fabric groove. In the case of a fabric fastened to a fabric groove, the risk of the fabric coming loose from the tube is, in principle, ruled out, as in the case of fabrics fastened with tape, when the blinds are lowered so that no twist of fabric remains on the tube.

A-kanga laius B- üldlaius

A- width of the fabric
B- overall width

When ordering the blind, it is necessary to specify the desired width and height of the blind and the handiness of the guide chain. The blinds can be selected already with us in the salon. When installing the blinds inside the window opening, the width and height of the opening are exceeded, which is the general dimensions of the blinds. Care should be taken to ensure that the blinds installed in the opening do not interfere with the opening of the window. The height of the raised roller shutter mechanism is 6… 8 cm, depending on the diameter of the pipe. It must also be taken into account that the blind fabric installed in the opening does not cover the entire width of the opening – the side of the guide chain is 2… .3cm between the side of the opening and the blind on the 0 side. When installing the blind in front of the opening on the wall, we recommend installing the blind so that the fabric extends approx. 5 cm above the edge of the opening on each side. This installation significantly reduces the amount of light entering the room between the fabric and the wall. By using thermal fabric, it also helps to regulate the room thermally – in summer less hot escapes into the room and in winter through a warm window. When installing the opening in front of the wall, the optimal installation height of the blind is approx. 10cm above the window opening, according to which the amount of fabric wound on the tube is also calculated. If you want to install the blinds higher, or if you want to be able to lower the blinds below the window opening, you should definitely let us know when ordering the blinds, otherwise the fabric wound on the fabric tube later may not be enough. If you wish, we will offer a consultation and measurement on site for you to find the best solution, and later also installation.

We offer a very wide range of fabrics for making blinds. The main selection of fabrics consists of materials that have become the customers’ favorite for 25 years, from single-color semi-transparent materials to eye-catching full-dimming fabrics.

The fabric can also be selected from catalogs. We offer fabrics specially ordered for you from the largest manufacturers of blinds in Europe.

You can inquire about the cost of blinds on our website. You can choose blinds in our showroom Sõpruse pst.176 and in the factory shop Laki 5d.

The deadline for fulfilling the order depends on the number of blinds currently in the queue and the selected fabric. When placing an order, we can tell you exactly the time it takes to make the blinds. The order fulfillment term for blinds is 2-5 working days for warehouse fabrics and 1-3 weeks for ordered fabrics.

If desired, the blind can be equipped with an electric drive. We offer electric drives with different price levels, there is a choice of 230V powered drives as well as electric drives with a lithium battery integrated in the drive, the installation of a blind with such a drive is a breeze – no cabling! On the blinds, the drive is hidden in the blind tube. You can select a switch or remote control to control the electric drive. The electric drive can also be connected to the house control automation.

Screen blinds are also suitable for outdoor use, where the properties of the fabric are more effective. The screen fabric does not limit the view, its properties stop up to 95% of the sun’s UV radiation, it is fireproof and lasts for ~ 20 years.

Possible widths of blinds depending on the diameter of the pipe:

Blinds Standard:

28mm steel tube with tape, width up to 210cm, white plastic carriers

36mm steel tube with tape, width up to 280cm, white plastic carriers

Premium blinds:

32mm aluminum tube with fabric groove, width up to 210cm, metal supports with plastic coatings, color choice

40mm aluminum tube with fabric groove, width up to 300cm, metal supports with plastic coatings, color choice

45 + mm aluminum tube with fabric groove, width up to 350cm, metal supports with plastic covers, white

63mm aluminum tube with fabric groove, width up to 410cm, metal supports, white

Advantages of Blinds Premium blinds Standard front:

  1. The fabric is attached to the tube in a special groove, not with tape – it never comes off the tube
  2. Metal carriers
  3. Smoother chain mechanisms
  4. Color range of carriers and mechanisms: white, light gray, anthracite gray, brown, black

Fabric selection

Fabric availability

Chic texture 330Tellitav, 6.hinnagrupp + 20%
Chic texture 363Tellitav, 6.hinnagrupp + 20%
Domino BO 100Laos
Domino BO 232Laos
Domino BO 145Laos
Domino BO 224Laos
Domino BO 303Laos
Domino BO 811Laos
Domino BO 204Laos
Domino BO 225Tellitav
Domino BO 745Laos
Domino BO 718Laos
Domino BO 804Laos
Domino BO 753Laos
Domino BO 214Laos
Domino BO 805Tellitav
Domino BO 819Tellitav
Domino BO 812Tellitav
Domino BO 806Laos
Domino BO 228Laos
Domino BO 810Laos
Domino BO 809Laos
Domino BO 203Laos
Domino BO 851Tellitav
Domino 011Tellitav
Domino 001Laos
Domino 745Laos
Domino 232Laos
Domino 811Laos
Domino 214Laos
Domino 806Laos
Domino 816Laos
Domino 253Tootmisest maas
Domino 224Laos
Domino 810Tellitav
Domino 202Laos
Domino 211Tellitav
Domino 225Tootmisest maas
Domino 819Tellitav
Domino 204Laos
Domino 206Tootmisest maas
Domino 226Tootmisest maas
Domino 812Tootmisest maas
Domino 231Laos
Domino 804Tootmisest maas
Domino 803Tootmisest maas
Domino 809Laos
Domino 236Laos
Domino 209Tootmisest maas
Domino 805Laos
Domino 813Tootmisest maas
Domino 228Laos
Domino 022Laos
Domino 212Tellitav
Domino 815Tellitav
Domino 817Tellitav
Exclusive texture BO 0003Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0004Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0001Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0002Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0005Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0006Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0007Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0008Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Natural texture Bamboo AngoraTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture 0001 Bamboo BuffTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo CrowTootmisest maas
Natural texture 0003 Bamboo FlintTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo MistTootmisest maas
Natural texture Bamboo PepperTootmisest maas
Natural texture 0002 Bamboo Prairie Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo SesameTootmisest maas
Screen 3000N white Laos
Screen 3000N white_boneTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N white_grayTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N beigeTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N beige_grayLaos
Screen 3000N greyLaos
Screen 3000N charcoalTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N charcoal_brownTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N charcoal grayTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp

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