Blinds with integrated battery motor

The most convenient way to motorize the blinds is with an integrated lithium battery blind, where the battery is hidden inside the motor to be installed in the blind. Externally, the motorized blind is no different from a conventional blind, except that there is no guide chain or cord. Motors with integrated battery are suitable for blinds up to 230 cm wide.

Advantages of a roller shutter with integrated battery over other motorized blinds:

  • easy and quick installation – supports for wall or ceiling, blinds and you’re done!
  • charging the engine is as easy as charging the phone with the included charger
  • using blinds twice a day, the battery should be charged for approx. Every 6 months
  • There is a remote control to control the blind, up to five blinds can be controlled separately with one remote control
  • there is no need to transport cables to the blinds
  • there is no need to find a place in the battery pack and replace the batteries later
  • Thanks to the missing guide chain, the motorized blind is also safe for children

Fabric selection

Fabric selection

Chic texture 330Tellitav, 6.hinnagrupp + 20%
Chic texture 363Tellitav, 6.hinnagrupp + 20%
Domino BO 100Laos
Domino BO 232Laos
Domino BO 145Laos
Domino BO 224Laos
Domino BO 303Laos
Domino BO 811Laos
Domino BO 204Laos
Domino BO 225Tellitav
Domino BO 745Laos
Domino BO 718Laos
Domino BO 804Laos
Domino BO 753Laos
Domino BO 214Laos
Domino BO 805Tellitav
Domino BO 819Tellitav
Domino BO 812Tellitav
Domino BO 806Laos
Domino BO 228Laos
Domino BO 810Laos
Domino BO 809Laos
Domino BO 203Laos
Domino BO 851Tellitav
Domino 011Tellitav
Domino 001Laos
Domino 745Laos
Domino 232Laos
Domino 811Laos
Domino 214Laos
Domino 806Laos
Domino 816Laos
Domino 253Tootmisest maas
Domino 224Laos
Domino 810Tellitav
Domino 202Laos
Domino 211Tellitav
Domino 225Tootmisest maas
Domino 819Tellitav
Domino 204Laos
Domino 206Tootmisest maas
Domino 226Tootmisest maas
Domino 812Tootmisest maas
Domino 231Laos
Domino 804Tootmisest maas
Domino 803Tootmisest maas
Domino 809Laos
Domino 236Laos
Domino 209Tootmisest maas
Domino 805Laos
Domino 813Tootmisest maas
Domino 228Laos
Domino 022Laos
Domino 212Tellitav
Domino 815Tellitav
Domino 817Tellitav
Exclusive texture BO 0003Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0004Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0001Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0002Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0005Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0006Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0007Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Exclusive texture BO 0008Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass
Natural texture Bamboo AngoraTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture 0001 Bamboo BuffTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo CrowTootmisest maas
Natural texture 0003 Bamboo FlintTellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo MistTootmisest maas
Natural texture Bamboo PepperTootmisest maas
Natural texture 0002 Bamboo Prairie Tellitav, 6.hinnaklass + 120%
Natural texture Bamboo SesameTootmisest maas
Screen 3000N white Laos
Screen 3000N white_boneTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N white_grayTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N beigeTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N beige_grayLaos
Screen 3000N greyLaos
Screen 3000N charcoalTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N charcoal_brownTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp
Screen 3000N charcoal grayTellitav, 4.hinnagrupp

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