Electric cardinasin SOMFY GLYDEA

The electric curtains are very convenient to control, with the Glydea ™ motorized curtain, you simply press your wireless switch on the wall or remote control on the table and your motorized curtain opens or closes smoothly and quietly. A function can also be added to a motorized curtain where it is not necessary to press a switch or remote control – it is enough to pull the fabric lightly and the curtain opens or closes to the set limit position.

Somfy electric curtains are suitable for controlling curtains both in homes and public spaces, as well as for separating rooms – for example, with stage curtains. There are no restrictions on curtain fabrics, motorized curtains are suitable for both light tulle curtains and heavy double-layer sound-absorbing fabrics.

Electric curtains can be bent at right angles with a radius of 300 mm, or freely within a predefined radius.

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