Exterior blinds in the ZIIP window opening

Outdoor blinds ZIIP as a terrace wall

Exterior blinds ZIIP throughout the glass facade

Exterior blinds with screen fabric as seen from the room

Exterior blinds Refleksol 103

Outdoor blinds on the XL terrace

Exterior blinds closed

XL tamar blinds fabrics

Exterior blinds

External blinds are intended for installation on the outside of the window. Compared to the blind installed on the inside of the window (in the room), the external blind has one important advantage – since the fabric is located on the outside of the window, the window does not heat up in sunny weather and the room temperature is therefore significantly lower. As the external blinds use transparent 5% screen fabric, the window is somewhat transparent even when the blind is closed – this is especially important in places where it would be recommended to limit the heating and bleaching effect of the sun, without significantly restricting the views from the window.

Exterior blinds are generally controlled by an electric drive controlled by a wall switch or remote control. The electric drive can also be connected to solar automation, which controls the blinds even when no one is at home. If desired, the external blind can also be ordered with a manual drive (TURN).

The external blind can be installed in the window opening directly against the window frame or on the wall in front of the window opening. The blind installed in the window opening is more inconspicuous, but partially obscures the glass surface at the top of the window opening approx. 10cm. The blind mounted on the wall is more noticeable again when viewed from a distance, while the window opening is completely free when the blind is raised. Therefore, before installing, it is wise to find out the pros and cons of each installation method.

When ordering external blinds, we definitely recommend that you call in our specialist so that you can find the best solution that works for you.

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