Folding curtains of special shape

Specially shaped folding curtainsprovide an excellent opportunity to cover triangular, diamond-shaped and round windows. We offer a total of 15 handling system solutions. Specially shaped folding curtains can be attached to either the window frame or the wall, depending on the selected system.

A very large selection of fabrics includes patterned, monochromatic fabrics with different light transmission or blackouts. The fabric you choose depends on the cost of the folding curtain and we are always happy to offer you quality products at a reasonable price!

Folding curtain systems and materials are available in our store in Tallinn, Sõpruse pst.176 or in the office Laki 5d.

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Sõpruse pst.176, Tallinn
E-R 9.00-18.00
L 9.00-15.00

Laki 5d, Tallinn
E-R 8.30-16.30
L-P suletud


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