Premium Iras 2_3kW with two powers

Premium Oval with 2.0kW speakers

Premium Oval with 2.0kW speakers, Bluetooth control

Premium Oval 2.0kW silver


Infrared radiators for the terrace, summer kitchen, outdoor fireplace, wherever you want to create comfortable conditions, even if the outdoor temperature is not yet high enough. There are models for wall or ceiling mounting as well as floor standing. Power up to 3.0kW, dimmable, programmable, remote control.

Infrared heat radiator with ULG heater – strong heat effect, cozy orange light tone! – ultra low glare. Thanks to the wider heat-emitting reflector, the radiator heats the larger area. The electric patio heater is suitable for outdoor use on the home terrace, veranda and on the terrace of the restaurant, café in the corners of the windshield or above the table. Also suitable for indoor conditions. The heater has 2 different power levels and a timer that can be adjusted with the remote control. The heater is suitable for year-round use. Energy consumption at full capacity only 0.39 € / h!

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