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The MARKILUX awning is not just an umbrella, it is a lifestyle. AS Veepisar offers MARKILUX awnings manufactured by Schmitz-Werke GmbH & Co, the world’s leading manufacturer of quality awnings, which are world-class in their field in terms of design and features. Most of Markilux’s awning models have won the world’s leading design awards, such as the reddot design award and the IF design award .

Markilux’s model selection includes almost 20 different terrace awning models, you can choose between open, half-cassette and full-cassette awnings. Awning constructions are available in eight standard colors, but it is possible to order awning constructions throughout the entire RAL color palette. In addition to terrace awnings, there is a choice of different awning systems for glass facades, conservatories and outdoor areas. All awning fabrics in the selection are water and fade resistant!

Full cassette awnings – in the closed position, both the fabric and the hinges are in the closed cassette, which significantly prolongs the service life of the awning.

Markilux 990 – the most compact terrace awning for our model range, cassette height only 125mm. Maximum possible width 5m, extension up to 3m

Markilux 6000 – the most powerful and strongest terrace awning in our model range. Maximum possible width 7m, extension up to 4m

Markilux MX-3 – the newest model on offer, compact design, many different color options when assembling the cartridge. Maximum possible width 6m, extension up to 3.5m

Markilux Pergalo – stationary side rails with front struts allow the awning to reach up to 6m! The maximum possible width of one element is up to 6m

Half cassette awning – in the closed position, the fabric is in the closed cassette, the articulated arms are located under the cassette, which significantly prolongs the service life of the awning fabric.

Markilux 1600 Strech – a model that allows you to extend wider than a small width! Maximum possible width 4.1m, extension up to 4m

We are waiting for you to get acquainted with the Markilux terrace awning models at the display of our updated awning samples at Sõpruse pst.176.

If you want to be different from your neighbor, the MARKILUX awning is one way!

Our terrace awnings are tested according to DIN EN 13561 standards and have wind resistance class 2, guaranteed wind resistance up to 10.4 m / s

The warranty on Markilux terrace awnings for fabric, construction and engine is 5 years.

Awning fabrics

The awning fabrics we offer are Swela Sunvas and Sunsilk high-tech polyester fabrics produced in Germany, whose resistance to weather conditions and sun radiation is completely in a class of their own – even bright colors remain significantly unbleached for years.

The fade resistance of the colors on a scale of 1… 8, where 8 is the best possible, is 7-8 on Swela fabrics. This is achieved by using a unique patented dyeing technology, where at a certain temperature the fabric and dye molecules combine and the dye forms an integral part of the fabric.

There is also a unique nanotechnological surface impregnated with the fabric, which is so easy to clean that even heavier rainfall is enough. All awning fabrics we offer are water and stretch resistant. The shape of the fabric in case of elongation is up to 98%, no other awning fabric can even come close to this figure. The durability of fabrics in medium-intensity home use is considered to be 10+ years.

Fabric availability

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