80mm with open strips

80mm with closed strips

80mm raised

Outer strip curtain

Thanks to its construction, the outer strip curtain is suitable for sun, heat and glare protection. The curtain installed on the outside of the window is the most effective protection against overheating of the interior, as it prevents the glass from heating due to solar radiation, which in turn prevents the rooms from heating up. Due to the large width of the curtain strips, even an open curtain provides protection against overheating in summer, because the sun is high at this time. Therefore, it is a particularly good solution, as protection against heat is achieved without covering the window.
Features of the application, such as windy location, adjustment of the curtain from the room, size of the area to be covered, fastening options, etc. taken into account when choosing the type of curtain and control mechanism.

The maximum width of one curtain is 4500mm and the height is 5000mm

Construction and materials

– strip 50 or 80 mm, powder-coated aluminum, 80 mm strip for extra strength
profiled edges
– carrying case 57x51mm, galvanized and powder coated steel
– lifting and step straps 100% UV-protected polyester
– 50mm strip curtain side guide with ropes
– 80mm strip curtain side guide with ropes or side profiles
– Strip angle adjustment mechanism with fiberglass-reinforced UV-protected plastic
– self-lubricating adjustment mechanism
– wall, recess or ceiling mounting
– all materials used with corrosion protection


– up and down and 90 degree adjustment of the strip

Management options

– for the gear unit
– motor drive
– In the case of a motor drive, it is possible to connect a climate control or other
with the automation used in the house

Places of use
– suitable for covering windows in offices, conservatories, hospitals, schools, etc.
– designed to withstand difficult weather conditions

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