Prostor Sun Shades

Prostor sun shades are sun shades with a side post that are suitable for use both in restaurants-cafes and on home terraces.

  • The side post leaves the entire shelter free, up to four shades can be attached to one post, which allows you to create a shelter of up to 38m2.
  • A smart closing mechanism allows the shade to be closed without having to move the furniture underneath.
  • You can choose either a mobile or a stationary mounting base for installing the shade support post
  • Lights and heaters can be integrated into the support post
  • In the case of several shelters, water gutters can be installed between the shelters, which keep the entire area of the base of the shelters dry
  • Construction colors RAL9007 gray metallic, RAL9005 black or RAL9016 white
  • Convenient opening and closing with a handle
  • Available in square or round shape

In addition to Prostor parasols, we also offer parasols from other manufacturers, both simpler/cheaper and more durable/expensive.

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