Roller AG / 77

The roller shutter is intended for use in garages and the like. to cover the doorways of buildings in places where the use of classic lift doors is not recommended or is impossible to use. The profile of the roller door AG / 77 is 19 mm thick and 77 mm high. The space required to fit the roller mechanism above the door opening is 300… .400 mm depending on the opening height.

An electric drive is used to control the rollers, which can be controlled by a switch, a remote control, or both by a switch and a remote control. It is possible to add photo relays as safety elements to prevent underrun.

A spring drive can also be used to control small rollers up to 4 m2. In the case of a spring drive, the roller must be fitted with a latch located in the last (lower) profile.

The largest dimensions of the roller door we offer are a width of 6000mm and / or an area of 24m2

The color of the profiles in stock is silver metallic RAL9006, while it is possible to order roller doors in 15 colors with a longer delivery time.

The wind resistance of the AG / 77 rollers has been tested according to EN12424 and meets the following values:

Wind class according to EN12424 Roller door width m Maximum area of the roller shutter m2
1 7.67 26.85
2 6.28 21.98
3 5.24 18.32
4 4.08 14.26

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