Roman curtain

Roman curtains

Roman curtains are folding curtains made of soft textile fabric that can be opened and closed by lifting and lowering using a lifting mechanism. Compared to other technical curtains, textile folding curtains leave a much less technical impression and are therefore very popular for minimalist window coverings. The curtains can be opened and closed by pulling the chain with a manual drive, as with classic blinds. When the curtain is raised, soft folds are formed in the fabric at the top of the window opening, which adds coziness to the room. The choice of fabrics is very wide, basically all fabrics that are also used in the production of side curtains, day curtains, tulle curtains or blackout curtains can be used. Therefore, when covering a window opening, it is possible to combine stationary side curtains made of the same fabric and Roman curtains to cover the glass surface of the window in the evening or in the case of active sunlight. Roman curtains can also be equipped with electric drives, which in turn can be connected to building automation, if any, or controlled easily and conveniently by remote control.

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