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Transflex - plastic strip doors

Transflex – plastic strip doors are mainly used in warehouses and production rooms of shops and industrial enterprises, cold and cold warehouses, wind farms in loading rooms, etc.

Transflex – plastic doors prevent the inflow of cold air, insulate against dust, moisture and noise.
It is safe due to good transparency and soft strips.

Construction of transflex film strip doors:
The strip door consists of two layers of transparent Transflex strips placed on the surface. The layers are usually 50 or 100% apart. The dimensions of the strips and the percentage of their spacing are selected according to the purpose of the door and the height of the opening. There are two different types of construction for the installation of strips – aluminum profile with stationary strips and galvanized steel rack profile with movable strips.
The strip door can be installed both in the opening and on top of the opening. When installed on top of the opening, add 20 cm to the width and 10 cm to the height.
The strip door can also be made sliding, in which case there must be space next to the door across the entire width of the door.

Recommended strip widths and spacing according to opening height:
Aperture height up to 2500 mm L 200 100%
3500 mm L300 50%
5000 mm L300 100%

Strip door mass calculation formula:
mass kg = k × B × h,
where B is the width,
h – height,
k – coefficient depending on the width of the strip and the percentage in between, either:
4.7 strips for L200 / 100%
5.5 strip for L300 / 50%
7.1 band for L300 / 100%

Delivery time orient. 1 week, 2 weeks for a sliding door.
The warranty is 1 year.

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