Allusion curtains

The new system in the world of curtains is the Allusion curtain, the so-called fabric lamelcurtain. A new solution that is correct in appearance, with a uniform wavy free-falling fabric, but still based on a lamella curtain system.

The Allusion fabric-lamella curtain is a new trend in window coverings that is gaining popularity. This is the solution created by combining 2 classic window coverings: control of a corrugated free-falling textile curtain with a lamella curtain system. Kanga nn. the waves overlap and form a visually uninterrupted surface. As with a slatted curtain, the light transmission can be adjusted vertically: in the closed position, the fabric layer is doubled and less light is transmitted, in the open form the fabric is doubled and more light enters the room.

Advantages of fabric lamella curtains:

Convenient to handle – the cord is a cord or chain

Privacy – can form an opaque window surface

The passage between the functional fabric strips is maintained. A good solution for moving from the living room to the terrace without moving the curtain in front of the window.

Easy to care for – The fabric is dirt-repellent, if necessary, the strips can be removed from the system and washed at 40 * C in hand wash mode.

Safe – possibility to fasten the guide wire with a child lock system

Practical – it is possible to order fabric strips of different heights for one curtain

There are currently 6 pastel fabric tones available. In addition to a completely monochrome solution, different shades can be varied vertically.

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