FINESS with SYNCRA support structure


FINESS and window awnings OPTIMA


Terrace awnings Finess are suitable for covering outdoor terraces both in homes and cafes. The terrace awning Finess is specially designed for Nordic conditions, taking into account the changing weather conditions here. The details of the awning are made in Norway and combined with a fabric made in Germany in Finland.

The patented angle adjustment system allows you to change the angle of the fabric without the use of tools and keeps the front profile straight even after strong winds. The front profile is equipped with a spirit level to make it easier to level the awning after changing the angle of inclination. The double springs on the articulated arms keep the fabric tight even when the fabric is wet. The awning supports and the tilting device are made of extra-strong extruded aluminum. All metal parts used are made of stainless steel. The constructions are available in two colors: light gray RAL7035 or anthracite gray metallic. The main selection of fabrics is approx. 50 fabrics, another 150 fabrics will be added to the selection for an additional fee.

The maximum width of the Finess terrace awning made in one piece is 7 m and the range is 3.6 m. In order to achieve complete water resistance and to prevent water from accumulating on the fabric, the recommended descent angle of the awning is 25 cm for a range of 3.6 m per meter of range.

As an accessory, we offer an awning cover profile that protects the awning mounted on the wall in the folded position from the weather and also covers the gap between the wall and the roll of fabric.

You can choose a crank drive or an electric drive to control the terrace awning.
The terrace awnings we offer have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 13561 standards and have wind resistance class 2, guaranteed wind resistance up to 10.4 m / s, Finess and Polaris models up to 3 meters even have wind resistance class 3, guaranteed wind resistance up to 13.5 m / s !

The warranty of the terrace awnings on the fabric, construction and motor is 5 years!

Awning fabrics

The awning fabrics we offer are Swela Sunvas and Sunsilk high-tech polyester fabrics produced in Germany, whose resistance to weather conditions and sun radiation is completely in a class of their own – even bright colors remain significantly unbleached for years.

The fade resistance of the colors on a scale of 1… 8, where 8 is the best possible, is 7-8 on Swela fabrics. This is achieved by using a unique patented dyeing technology, where at a certain temperature the fabric and dye molecules combine and the dye forms an integral part of the fabric.

There is also a unique nanotechnological surface impregnated with the fabric, which is so easy to clean that even heavier rainfall is enough. All awning fabrics we offer are water and stretch resistant. The shape of the fabric in case of elongation is up to 98%, no other awning fabric can even come close to this figure. The durability of fabrics in medium-intensity home use is considered to be 10+ years.

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