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FP wooden folding doors

FP-150 wooden folding doors allow the room to be used for many purposes, dividing it into smaller parts. They can be used in homes, corridors, conference rooms, restaurants and more.

High-quality and durable FP wooden folding doors consist of lamellas connected to each other by T-joints. All parts: slats, hinges, wheels and guide rail are designed to be compatible. The nylon-coated wheels with closed ball bearings together with the aluminum guide rail form an easily moving and silent whole. The maximum height of the covered opening can be up to 2650 mm

Technical data :

Lamella material: MDF board 143 mm wide

Lamella surface finish: white color and imitations of oak and white island . Different colors (Tikkurila interior paints) and laminate coatings (Formica Woods / Colors) are available at an additional cost.

Construction : Aluminum guide rail with door veneer slotted nylon-coated castors with fixed ball bearings, PVC T-joints for lamella connection Wooden handles and simple locking as standard

Accessories :

Two-part door (opening on both sides)

Abloy 4960 lock

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