Mini cassette blinds

The mini cassette blind is a window covering that can be attached to a plastic window frame, with a maximum width of 160 cm and a height of up to 200 cm, depending on the fabric.

The mini-cassette blind installed on the window frame is almost imperceptible and forms an integral part of the window: The mini-cassette is like a part of the window, the window sill is free to use and the blinds do not have to be raised when opening the window.

The mini cassette blind is equipped with a roller cover and side strips. The roller cover protects the fabric roll from dust, the side strips hold the fabric against the window frame when opening the window, preventing it from blowing in the wind. The curtain works by pulling the ball chain lightly, the built-in brake of the chain mechanism ensures that the fabric stays at the desired height. The raised fabric can be completely wound into the cassette. Mini cassette blind system colors: white and dark brown.

AS Veepisara’s wide selection of fabrics from single-color and patterned fabrics creates a prerequisite for diverse furnishings. If you want to limit the view, darken the room or save energy from the glass, you can choose fabrics that take these factors into account.

The main selection of fabrics for mini-cassette blinds consists of materials that have become a favorite of customers for 26 years, from single-color semi-transparent materials to eye-catching blackout fabrics. In addition, it is possible to choose fabrics specially ordered for you from mini-cassette roller blinds from the largest roller blind manufacturers in Europe.

You can inquire about the cost of a mini-cassette blind on our website.

The deadline for ordering a mini cassette blind depends on the number of blinds currently in the queue and the selected fabric. The deadline for fulfilling the order depends on the number of blinds currently in the queue and the selected fabric. When placing an order, we can tell you exactly the time it takes to make the blinds and we will stick to it. Very generally, the deadline for order fulfillment for blinds is 1-3 weeks.

What you need to know about mini cassette blinds :

  • The mini cassette blind is a window-mounted blind curtain equipped with side guide rails and a roller cover profile. There is a side guide chain to control the blind
  • The purpose of the side guide rails is to cover the gap between the blind and the window frame and to keep the lower weight of the blind and the fabric close to the window when the window is opened. The side guide rails do not completely darken the room
  • For technical reasons, the blind fabric is generally 3… 10 mm narrower than the window glass, so it is not a completely blackout product, even if blackout fabric is used.
  • since the fabric used in the manufacture of the blinds is upside down when taken from the roll of fabric and upside down when mounted on the roller shutter, there may be a curvature of the fabric towards the glass, especially at the beginning. In most fabrics it disappears almost completely over time, but in the case of blackout fabrics consisting of several layers, slight warping may still be maintained and cannot be completely ruled out.

Fabric selection

Fabric selection

Chic texture 330Laos
Chic texture 363Laos
Domino BO 100Tellimisel
Domino BO 232Tellitav 1-5p
Domino BO 145Otsas
Domino BO 224Laos
Domino BO 303Laos
Domino BO 811Laos
Domino BO 204Laos
Domino BO 225Laos
Domino BO 745Laos
Domino BO 718Laos
Domino BO 804Laos
Domino BO 753Laos
Domino BO 214Laos
Domino BO 805Laos
Domino BO 819Laos
Domino BO 812Laos
Domino BO 806Laos
Domino BO 228Laos
Domino BO 810Laos
Domino BO 809Laos
Domino BO 203Laos
Domino BO 851Laos
Domino 011Laos
Domino 001Laos
Domino 745Laos
Domino 232Laos
Domino 811Laos
Domino 214Laos
Domino 806Laos
Domino 816Laos
Domino 253Laos
Domino 224Laos
Domino 810Laos
Domino 202Laos
Domino 211Tellimisel
Domino 225Laos
Domino 819Laos
Domino 204Laos
Domino 206Laos
Domino 226Laos
Domino 812Laos
Domino 231Laos
Domino 804Laos
Domino 803Laos
Domino 809Laos
Domino 236Laos
Domino 209Laos
Domino 805Laos
Domino 813Laos
Domino 228Laos
Domino 022Laos
Domino 212Laos
Domino 815Laos
Domino 817Laos
Exclusive texture BO 005Laos
Exclusive texture BO 012Laos
Exclusive texture BO 013Laos
Exclusive texture BO 014Laos
Exclusive texture BO 015Laos
Exclusive texture BO 016Laos
Exclusive texture BO 018Laos
Exclusive texture BO 020Laos
Natural texture Bamboo AngoraLaos
Natural texture Bamboo BuffLaos
Natural texture Bamboo CrowLaos
Natural texture Bamboo FlintLaos
Natural texture Bamboo MistLaos
Natural texture Bamboo PepperLaos
Natural texture Bamboo Prairie Laos
Natural texture Bamboo SesameLaos
Screen 3000N white Laos
Screen 3000N white_boneLaos
Screen 3000N white_grayLaos
Screen 3000N beigeLaos
Screen 3000N beige_grayLaos
Screen 3000N greyLaos
Screen 3000N charcoalLaos
Screen 3000N charcoal_brownLaos
Screen 3000N charcoal grayLaos

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