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Plastic folding doors

Plastic folding doors are made of 10 cm wide panels that are connected to each other with special connection profiles. The edges have 5cm panels and a profile with a handle for moving the door. The door is equipped with a standard handle as standard, if desired, a simple lock with a button can be ordered in addition to the door.

NB! Folding door panels never go completely straight when the door is closed. That’s why the door is called a leaflet. Depending on the number of door panels calculated according to the width of the opening, the door panels are more or less folded. For example, a door opening 99cm to 112cm wide has 7 panels, a 99cm wide opening has 7 panels quite a fold, and a 112cm wide opening has 7 panels almost straight. In addition, the folds of the panels in the narrower opening are not evenly distributed because there is no mechanism for harmonizing the folds. To align the door folds, the panels must be slightly assisted by hand.

The maximum width of one-piece plastic leaflets is 300 cm and the height is also 300 cm depending on the color tone.

The delivery of the folding door includes the assembled folding door, the mounting profiles on the sides, the hanging profile upwards, the handle, the grease for lubricating the hanging buttons and the fastening accessories.

Plastic folding doors are made of PVC material, so they are well suited for damp rooms such as washrooms, sauna changing rooms, pool rooms, etc.

As plastic panels cannot withstand higher loads, plastic folding doors are suitable for covering moderate or low-density openings.

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