Pendulum for PC5 VI

FENDOOR - swing doors

FENDOOR – swing doors

* prevent the inflow of cold air and save energy
* insulate against dust, moisture and noise
* are secure due to good transparency
* Thermally comfortable working conditions near the door allow
Typical applications
* storage and production facilities of industrial stores
* cold and cold stores
* food industry companies
* windbreaks in loading bays

FENDOOR swing doors have excellent properties. The construction and materials are of high quality. The unique construction of the frame and the way the door leaf is fastened ensure airtightness, lightness and durability. The manufacturing program includes a large selection of doors and all practically present dimensions. The materials used also meet the high hygiene requirements of the food industry in terms of both their properties and their washability.
Self-closing swing doors are only open during use. They reduce heating costs and protect against cold and drafts. Work comfort increases and transportation speeds up.
FENDOOR swing doors are suitable for use with a loader, forklift or roller lift and on foot. Conveyors and guide rails can also be guided through the pendulums.
FENDOOR swing doors are safe due to their flexible door leaves and provide better protection against drafts than air curtains.

The design of FENDOOR pendulums has been developed on the basis of more than 15 years of manufacturing and use experience. Product development has taken place in cooperation with users and taking into account their requirements.
The FENDOOR swing door has several advantages over other conventional swings. The frame supporting this door leaf is formed by a strong anodised aluminum box profile with a maintenance-free closure inside. The door torque is easily adjustable without removing the door.
The weight of the frame is only half that of a normal profile steel welded frame, but no compromises have been made on strength and rigidity.
The reduction in inertia due to lightness reduces the load and wear on the hinges and door leaf, especially when using loaders. The door frame has a smooth surface and is easy to clean and does not rust. It can also be supplied with a thin stainless steel plate if required. The swivel spring mechanism and surface-mounted hinges are galvanized steel as standard. They can also be supplied hot-dip galvanized or made of stainless steel.

Door leaf constructions
L Transflex L
K Transflex K (for cold rooms)
V Transflex V
MLM Texaflex top, Transflex L-strip and Texaflex bottom with a standard height of 1200mm. Window bar height selectable
MI Texaflex plate with Transflex L-windows. The standard height of the lower edge of the window is 1200 mm. Window size selectable
LM Transflex L-top and Texaflex bottom with a standard height of 1200 mm

Opening angle
The standard FENDOOR swing opens at least 90? in both directions depending on the thickness of the door jamb / wall. The door is also supplied with 90? / 180? with an opening angle.

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