Security stories AR40

AR40 security shutters are suitable for protection of smaller door and window openings against vandalism. Security screens AR40 is made of a profile that is hollow inside and filled with polyurethane foam, thanks to which the security story offers not only security but also protection against noise, cold and heat.

The maximum recommended width is 2800mm, the total area of the curtain should not exceed 7m2. The most common applications are small windows and doors, service counters in canteens, cafes, medical institutions, etc.

A tape, crank or electric drive is used to control the AR40. In the case of a tape drive, the maximum permissible area is 4 m2 and the height limit is 2400 mm. In the case of crankshafts and electric drives, the size limit is the maximum permissible dimensions in the safety history. The electric drive can be controlled with a key switch, a key switch or a remote control. The key and key switch is dead-man for safety, which means that the safety curtain moves as long as the switch is held down. In the case of a remote control, the switching is of the pulse type, ie the safety curtain automatically moves to the pre-set end position when the button is pressed. Therefore, before pressing the button, it is especially important to make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the safety curtain and not to leave the safety curtain until it has stopped in the final position! If required, the electric drive can be connected to existing low-voltage systems, such as a card system and automatic fire protection, by means of a control unit.

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